Sunday, April 20, 2014

Social Media Marketing

Ten Fast Feet has a green thumb for social media marketing. We plant and fuss over your social media like a farmer with a garden. But you harvest all the profits.

Here’s Our Process

Plan - We create social media strategies that actively engage the user—turning followers into customers and “likes” into profits. We work with you to determine your business’s goals, and create a plan that makes those goals happen.

Plant - There’s lots of social media out there, the sites we cultivate depend on your target demographics, current client base and growth goals. But it’s safe to say a whiz-bang social media plan would include a Twitter account, a Facebook business page, and accounts with YouTube, foursquare, and Pinterest, among others.

Tend - Once your plan has been implemented, we stay busy monitoring your accounts’ activities. We update each daily, nurturing what works and weeding out what doesn’t. That translates into facilitating the organic growth of your audience, maximizing your conversion rate and maintaining your brand consistency.

Harvest - Here’s the good part. You reap the benefits of an effective, dynamic social media campaign by gaining customers and making more money, while spending less to accomplish it.