Sunday, April 20, 2014

Search Engine Optimization

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Why is it important to rank highly on search results?

SEO marketing is important because your competitors are doing it. A website,
 whether for a retail location, online store, or service-industry company, is like building
 a store in the desert. Without directing traffic and potential customers to it, no one will 
find your site!

Search engine marketing is so much more valuable than traditional advertising, it's hard to even draw a comparison. Compare asking a stranger to buy a product 
he or she may or may not need/want. Now imagine a customer scavenging the 
Internet to find the exact product or service you provide. Imagine being the 
most relevant and first business they see, every time they search. Your marketing 
dollars are being directly targeted to ONLY those who are searching for you. This is 
search engine optimization (SEO), and this service is what we do for your company and your website.

How do we do it?

Without giving away the tricks of the trade that keep our clients ahead of their 
competition, we offer the following SEO marketing services to optimize your website for customers searching for you. (The rest is proprietary, so you'll just have to trust us.)

• XML sitemap generation
• Search Engine directory submission
• 3 years backtested keyword Research
• Top-5 ranked Competitor Keyword 'borrowing'
• Title Bar, Meta tag, Global Meta Site Descriptions
• Alt tag optimization
• Ongoing Real-time analytics

• Fresh, monthly inbound one-way links
• Monthly original industry-related articles
• Longtail keyword string development
• A/B split testing for measured conversion
• Internal link assessment and optimization
• individual product optimization
• SEF (search engine friendly) URLs

What's the payoff?

New Clients! Its awfully tough to put an exact number on it, but a good way to estimate 
is to say this: 77% of US consumers did an average of over 12 hours of online 
research before making medium to large purchases last year. -CEA of America