Thursday, April 17, 2014

Print Design

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We'll sing it all night long, baby, like Lionel Richie. PRINT is precious. With the right depiction of your offer or brand and the right placement, print can make your potential customer your loyal customer. Print can make a browser pick up the phone and become a buyer.

Question: "Can't I just buy some print ads myself?"
Answer: "Yep!"

Although, you may be tempted to have a quick "direct response" ad designed by a college student on Craigslist. WAIT! What's the plan? How did you decide to buy it? The first thing you need to think of before you purchase ad space in print is: Why are you making the investment? Because the salesman sold you '"a million impressions?" We're pro-print, but only on the basis that there's a plan behind it. It can be a powerful brand-builder when placed in TARGETED publications. Print isn't dead. It's becoming hyper-targeted and MORE valuable. Consult with the pros to get professional results for your print advertising buck.