Sunday, April 20, 2014

PPC/Adwords Display Marketing

Ten Fast Feet adeptly manages your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns, carefully testing which combinations of words triggers the best user responses. We drive targeted leads to your business with an ongoing campaign optimization designed to work with your budget. We're dedicated to increasing your qualified traffic and generating more leads.

Plan your objective:
Your business is unique, so you get a face-to-face consultation with our SEO guru to discuss goals, objectives and any other particulars you want to address. As your objectives change, so will your campaign. When that happens, our people are there to discuss the fastest, most cost-effective way to make that happen.

Create a customized campaign:
We create ads viewers feel compelled to click by researching pertinent keywords used in searches to find products and services like yours. Ads can be targeted to national, regional or local markets, depending on where you want your business to be seen.

Track your results:
We herd leads right to your website’s landing pages, and through email and form submissions. Bi-weekly reporting gives you a clear look at your campaign’s performance, so you understand how customers find your business and who they are.

Tweak and refine:
Search behaviors can change without warning, so we continually analyze your campaign’s PPC results, making any improvements necessary to maximize its effectiveness. With split-testing we hone in on exactly which keywords trigger the best responses, and from whom.