Thursday, April 24, 2014


Have a BIG message to deliver to the masses? There are two ways to use a billboard: you can either make 'em call or you can make 'em think. Do you want to plant yourself in your buyer's brain or simply make them pick up their cell phone? Outdoor billboards are good for both branding and direct response. They can give you credibility your competitors may not be willing to invest in. Or they can be a complete waste of ad dollars. The trick is in finding the right billboard advertising company to convey your message. We are that advertising company.

We'd like to convey the importance of congruency in your brand. With such a large-scale space, you want and need to say those magic words, whatever they may be. Keep it simple. With about 2.5 seconds, the message must be short and sweet. If your copy is a bit long-winded, think twice. Don't allow yourself to be put in the situation of buying a second 20' vinyl because the phone didn't ring once. Allow the professionals at Ten Fast Feet to get it right the first time.