Saturday, April 19, 2014

Media Buying

So many options... What will work for us?

If you're ready to compete locally, regionally or nationally on "big media," you'll want a media buyer. You probably already know that ... More specifically, you'll want an expert from Ten Fast Feet to be that media buyer.

Here's why: your ad dollars will go further. Keep the savings or buy extra spots, either way you'll save money with us. We buy from the bottom of the rate sheet. And more importantly, we buy at rates that ensure your commercials actually run.

Think of it this way---you bring a media outlet a maximum amount of what you alone can afford. We can bring them a maximum amount of what all of our combined advertising clients can afford. Who do you think gets a better rate? We simply have LOTS of extra buying power. Our media planning team has over 15 years of media buying experience and our goal is to increase your ROI, not just get you on air.

Added Benefits of Media Buyers

Outside of buying spots, there's placement and the actual content of your campaign. We put all the pieces together for you, managing the campaign while tracking results. In other words, we go to work for you, so you, as a marketing manager, look really good with easy-to-read (and explain) analytics reports. If you're the owner, we give you those same reports ... in English.