Saturday, April 19, 2014

Branding & Logo

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Your brand is comprised of several factors. It's a common misconception that small and midcap businesses don't have or need a "brand." Nothing could be further from the truth. Every company can benefit from having a custom logo designed for them. That's why companies like Home Depot and FedEx bother to have them. They weren't always corporate giants. A custom logo helps a small or midcap company distinguish itself from the pack.

Pick an industry--not a fashion brand, not a national company--but a local, small business-driven industry. Take plumbing. Can you think of 'THE' plumber in town? Here in Nashville, you can. Hiller Plumbing. The guys with big yellow smiley faces in every nook and cranny of your life. Even in your electric bill! (They sponsor the envelope.) Now that's an effective logo. And if they can have a great logo, so can you.

If your industry doesn't have a "big-time player" with an established a brand, then MAKE IT YOU! The brand walks in with credibility. The brand walks in with preconceived notions of a justified higher price and quality of work. And that brand's calling card is its logo.

You can be that brand, whatever your business. We can work with you to make sure your branding theme is true to the roots of your business, and not a crazy cartoon character yelling at your customers on their television screens. More to the point; we'll make your brand earn you more customers, justify higher profit margins, and add legitimacy and value to your company.