Expect Clever Greatness Maybe that's a bit much..maybe not.

A team is only as good as its members, right? We have assembled the finest, most talented and sometimes funniest crew around. We're excited to meet you! Check out what makes each of us unique...below.

Nathan Maggard

Nathan Maggard

CEO & Founder

Obsessively growth-oriented, Nathan sees unique angles in every business, always seeking the next leg-up.

javascript developers, php development

Ryan Wheale

Lead Developer

Ryan brings intuitive programming knowledge to our projects - every line of code is optimized before he lets it go out the door.
PHP specialist

Chris Maloney


Chris brings incredible knowledge to TFF. Design, development and CMS tech, he knows it all. Notably, also a former nuclear submarine tech, no joke.

Ruby and ROR developers in nashville

Mick Mcgrath

Lead Developer

Mick specializes in killer front end development for both desktop and mobile applications. Mick makes it his business to learn all the latest and coolest techniques.

graphic design and user interface design

Matt Knutson

Motion Design & Videographer

Need a how it works video for your app? Commercial for a TV campaign? Matt applies creativity to your business logic to take you to the next level.
Communications Director

Carla Swank

Communications Director

Our resident wordsmith, Carla handles everything from content strategy to social media tactics … and actually enjoys editing copy.
dylan mullins

Dylan Mullins

Creative & Accounts Director

Dylan's our design secret weapon with loads of agency experience. He leads our creative team and helps propel our clients into the digital age. Oh, and he's an Eagle Scout.
project manager

Jonathan Taufer

Technical Lead

We call him The Brain. Nothing gets by this guy, not one detail. *Some assembly required...this guy is also a stunt devil on a motorcycle.

graphic design and user interface design

Brianna Reed


Brianna is the person that turns pretty designs into actual websites. She knows HTML & CSS like Hawking knows physics.
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

About Us

So, we're awesome. Here's why:

Our people make us who we are. Genetically altered to be design and development super-humans, each one of our guys and girls is uniquely qualified and painstakingly chosen by nearly the entire team at their time of hire.

Are we people or project oriented? Some of us are über-outgoing and some task-focused, but its this blend that makes any company tick.

We invite you to come visit and see for yourself. You'll leave with a sense of reassurance that you've got an absolute dream team of business savvy individuals with a wide array of cross-industry acumen and the very best creative and development staff you're going to find.

Lastly, we're highly competitive. So if you have that innate desire to leave your competitors dazed and confused, wondering how you snagged their marketshare, we'll get along just fine.

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